Private Investigator Services of Denver is a Colorado licensed private investigator firm which has served the legal community for many years. We have the expertise and determination to get your job done FAST. We know time is of the essence when needing information regarding defendants, witnesses and plaintiffs.

We offer emergency process services, skip-tracing, case investigations. Average turn around time of NORMAL document service is 1 to 5 days. RUSH services typically occur within 30 minutes to 10 hours of receipt. Status reports and proofs of service are returned the same day or the next working day, following service. We love HARD to do services, we take great pride in getting papers served. We serve the Colorado region and our tight network national investigators and servers makes us a one stop shop when needing a case done out of state.

Our years of experience and training in effecting even those hard-to-serve or locate defendants will allow you to focus on your real work.

Whether it is a summons, subpoena, medical records, or skilled private investigation, entrust the job of our professionals, and your worries are over.

We have reputable attorneys in Colorado as references upon request.

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