Domestic Investigations or "Cheating" Investigations is one of our most requested services. If you feel your partner is cheating give us a call. You will speak with a professional private investigator who knows exactly what you are going through and who specializes in Cheating Investigations. We know how cheaters work, we have years of experience busting them. We can guide you through this tough process so you can really know what is going on behind your back. Our Private detectives understand that you "just want to know". This is a common pharse from our cleints, "I just want to know". We can supply you with the power of information so you can decide to plan your furture.

We provide every client with a detailed report including photos and video of all the activities. Our high tech cameras will record even in the darkest environments. We have an edge over other fly by night investigators with our state of the art equipment. We take great pride in what we do and care about the outcome for our clients. You are in a win-win situation with us!

Hiring an Investigator to watch your loved one is not an easy task. You feel that you may be going behind the persons back. If you do not hire us to find out what is going on, then your taking a huge risk of damaging your relationship by accusing your partner without any evidence. This causes loss of sleep, appetite and focus. Call us today so we can help you and remove the anxiety of not knowing.

Services we offer in this field:

  • Surveillance
  • Spy Computer Software
  • GPS tracking
  • Other Services

The Top Fifteen Signs That Your Mate Is Cheating On You:

1. Changing attitude toward your relationship: more argumentative, critical or distant -- less affectionate -- increased need for "space"

2. Unexplained absences: staying later at work -- leaving the office for lunch more often -- spending more time "with friends" or pursuing a new hobby during evenings and weekends --frequently off running lengthy "errands"

3. Increase in personal expenses: seems to go through pocket money at a faster rate -- credit card spending jumps

4. Changing telephone use patterns: spends more time on the phone -- seems anxious to be first to answer phone when it rings -- mysterious incoming calls, hang-ups, "wrong numbers" -- suddenly "needs" a new cellphone or pager

5. Greater attention to personal appearance: begins a crash diet or exercise program -- trendy new wardrobe, fragrance, hairstyle or nails

6. Added interest in the mail: wants to limit your access to it, especially phone bills, bank, and credit card statements -- personal letters (but probably not postcards) from a long-lost "friend" or "relative"

7. Articles of unknown origin: slips of paper with names, phone numbers, dates/times/locations stashed in pockets, wallet or purse -- receipts showing unmentioned purchases -- matchbooks from unknown bars or restaurants -- strange cigarette, gum or food wrappers in vehicle

8. Mysterious bite marks, bruises, scratches, skin irritations: can't explain how "that got there"

9. Changing sex drive: decreased interest in sex -- more aggressive/hostile during sex and less tender/romantic -- newfound knowledge regarding a previously unexplored technique or position

10. Unexplained odor or stain: comes home smelling of cologne or tobacco that is clearly not their own -- lipstick on shirt collar -- stained clothing

11. Changing passwords to a mobile devices or adding a password to a mobile device

12. Sleeps with mobile device under pillow or close by.

13. Goes into bathroom for extended periods of time and more frequently with mobile device.

14. Suddenly becomes uninterested in future plans with you or your family.

15. Seems to care less about your day and tends to not look you in the eyes when speaking or being intimate with you.

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