Locating Missing Persons

Our investigation team has proven experience in locating and retrieving missing/abducted individuals. We also locate long lost relatives, witnesses and defendants to legal matters. Our databases are top-notch and unmatched. We provide information usually within 24 hours of submission. Every case is different. Please contact us 24/7 at 720.226.5555 and speak with a REAL LIVE AGENT. We also find birth parents, siblings separated due to adoption.

Background Investigations

Our pre-employment backgrounds fully comply with FCRA regulations. In addition, we conduct due diligence searches on prospective business partners, domestic partners and questionable individuals or companies. Our searches extend worldwide, if necessary.

Locating Assets

We have successfully investigated thousands of cases which uncover the financial capabilities of judgments debtors and dead-beat parents. If you have a judgment against someone, we can legally verify if they have attachable assets. Our asset investigations are in depth and very calculated. We recommend contacting us for a free consultation.

Personal Security and Protection

We offer the best in personal security for your home, business or loved ones. We can travel and accommodate the person were ever they may need protection. Our Gaurds are highly trained professionals. We have personally protected high profile clients and others.

Consumer Fraud/Identity Theft

Who is stealing your identity? According to the U.S. Department of Justice, 3.6 million U.S. households learned they were identity theft victims during a six-month period in 2004. Don't be another victim! We investigate who is stealing your identity and turn the information over to the proper law enforcement agency for prosecution.

Gang Stalking- Counter Measure Services - Bug Sweeps

WIn today's technologically advanced society you can never be too cautious of your surroundings. We have conducted numerous cases related to gang-stalking. We have the tools and devices necessary to overcome any threats made by gang-stalkers or others intending to do harm to you. If you think you are being listened too or watched in the privacy of your own surroundings, please do not hesitate to contact us immediately.

  • Suspected Cheating Loved One
  • Workers Compensation
  • Activity check
  • Employee
  • Business
  • Competition
  • "Nanny-Cam"
  • Vehicle/foot Surveillance

We understand the need for different types/ages/races of private investigators and different types of vehicles. With are bank of investigators and vehicles we can get the job done.

All of are investigators are licensed and have over 5 years experience. A lot of investigations companies hire young, under experienced investigators to bring in high profits. At PI of Denver we believe that this is a poor service to our clients.

At HPI of Denver we obtain a high volume of video evidence everyday. We utilized state of the art camera equipment along with discreet hidden cameras. We can obtain film anywhere at anytime.

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