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Jeffrey A.

Denver, CO

“ I was at a very dark time in my life and I wanted to make sure my suspicions of my wife was not my imagination. A friend who had used Colorado State Investigations in the past referred me over. And I could not have been more happier with the outcome. Now Im living a better life with a new wife and we have a baby on the way……”

Kimberly S.

Chicago, Ill

“ I hired Colorado State Investigations to perform an infidelity surveillance on my husband who was in Aspen for a business trip. I was amazed on how efficiently and discreet Eddy and his staff were at Colorado State Investigations in following my husband from the Airport to Aspen and getting video footage of his affair. My husband could not deny the evidence that was shown to him. I can not thank Colorado State Investigations enough…”

Attorney Kendra S.

Denver, CO

“Colorado State Investigations is our Go-To firm for skip tracing and finding defendants and witnesses to serve. They always do a superb job and get the job done in a timely manner. I highly recommend Colorado State Investigations! “

Alexander T.

Arvada, CO

“ My family and I decided to hire Colorado State Investigations to look into a possible gang stalking case. Colorado State Investigations came out and performed a bug sweep of our house and we were able to determine that our home was compromised and at that point we decided to have Colorado State Investigations install a 6 camera security system along with nightly manned surveillance of our home until the threat went away. My family and were so thankful to the helpful staff at Colorado State Investigations….”

Travelers Insurance

“We have used Colorado State Investigations for over 10 years to handle our work comp claims coming out of the Colorado area. We are pleased with their professionalism and workmanship. We will continue to do business with them…..”

Stephanie S.

Aurora, CO

“ I hired Colorado State Investigations to catch my cheating boyfriend before getting married to him and what Colorado State Investigations found I could not be more happy about. I finally left him and it saved me a lot in legal fees and heartache in the future if I had married him!”

Rita L.

Littleton, CO

“I was adopted at an older age and was separated from my sister for nearly 20 years. With the help of the investigators at Colorado State Investigations I was able to locate and reunite with my sister and catch up on twenty years of being separated. I would definitely recommend Colorado State Investigations.”

Bill G.

Baltimore, MD

“My wife came into the Denver area from Baltimore Maryland for a business conference and my suspicions was that she would hang out with a particular co-worker. It did not take long before Eddy from Colorado State Investigations was calling me and telling me that they had rented a car and skipped the conference and were shacked up in Estes Park Colorado. The video and pictures they got for me was irrefutable evidence of her deceit and lies. I will always be in debited to Colorado State Investigations for their honest hard work. Thank You.”